Eurospares & The Formula 2, 2017 Season.

Coming into the 2017 Formula 2 season, Eurospares are extremely excited to be proud partners of the Prema F2 team and the Ferrari driver academy.

Prema Eurospares F2
Prema F2 Team at pre season launch event

For 2017 the GP2 Series has now been rebranded as FIA Formula 2 and will continue to support F1 at all rounds except one new standalone event for Formula 2 and GP3 at the Jerez circuit in Spain on October 7-8.

Coming off of the back of an impressive debut campaign, Prema took the Teams’ title and they enjoyed great success in 2016, which we are sure will push them to even bigger and better things in 2017.

This year sees an 11 race calendar that began with an opening round in Bahrain where Ferrari-backed Charles Leclerc stormed to pole position on his debut in the FIA Formula 2 Championship.

Prema Bahrain Victory
Image courtesy of

Driving the cars and enjoying success in Bahrain are Ferrari Driver Academy drivers Charles Leclerc and Antonio Fuoc, both of whom join the team for 2017.

There is going to be some very tough competition for the Prema Team but they’ve certainly got off to a strong start in pre-season testing and the opening race, getting some fantastic times under their belt and some great results in the opening races in the early stages of the season.

Prema storm to victory in Bahrain
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Sakhir (Bahrain), April 14-16

Barcelona (Spain), May 13-14

Monaco, May 25-27

Baku  (Azerbaijan), June 24-25

Red Bull Ring (Austria), July 8-9

Silverstone (UK), July 15-16

Hungaroring, Budapest (Hungary), July 29-30

Spa Francorchamps (Belgium), August 26-27

Monza (Italy), September 2-3

Jerez (Spain), October 7-8

Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi), November 25-26

It’s a new era for Formula 2 and we can’t wait to follow the Prema Team this year. Everyone here at Eurospares is excited to see them race throughout the season and you can see our logo displayed on their cars as they race around each circuit.

See you at the track!




Ferrari unveil their newest F1 car – The SF70H

Ferrari have unveiled their new F1 car for the 2017 season, with the hope of getting their first win since their Constructors’ Championship victory in 2008. Its a vision in traditional Italian Rosso Corsa red with a wing on the engine cover that follows the trend of many 2017 designs.

Ferrari unveil their newest F1 car - The SF70H

This powerful, sculptural machine is called the Ferrari SF70H in celebration of this being their 70th anniversary. Features include wider Pirelli tyres, redesigned wheel nuts and changes to the braking systems. As well as mechanical changes, the nose has been lengthened, there is a distinctive arrow-shaped front wing and the hits have been redesigned too.

Ferrari unveil their newest F1 car - The SF70H

New car, new F1 season, new rules

Following the introduction of new rules and regulations, engineers were given more of a chance to experiment and improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. This freedom has resulted in a wider, lower car that expertly balances aerodynamic resistance and downforce, resulting in a 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 beast with an engine that’s a step up from its predecessor. Performance is Ferrari’s focus and it has been a battle to reach the right level of drag to boost their chance of wining the title.

Ferrari unveil their newest F1 car - The SF70H

The big Ferrari SF70H launch

The online launch was filmed live at Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit and they were the sixth team to reveal their 2017 creation. Vettel and Kimi each got the chance to drive their new turbocharged steed on the day and their all-champion driver partnership gives Ferrari fans hope for their team’s future.

We’ll see the SF70H in action for the first time at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya when pre-season testing takes place on the 27th February and it will be an exciting moment for everyone watching as this evolution of the Ferrari F1 car could finally have what it takes to beat their rivals over at Mercedes.

Ferrari unveil their newest F1 car - The SF70H

Ferrari hope their new SF70H will be a winner

One of the big changes made to this year’s season is that 10% longer is to be spent in full throttle per lap because the race fuel allowance has been upped by 5%. Ferrari really do have a good chance of achieving their goals with this car, especially with the updated power-steering and suspension layout, resulting better grip and improved performance.

Why buy used Italian supercar parts has a fantastic range of used Italian supercar parts for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati available to buy online, and there are so many great reasons to go for second-hand over new. Firstly, the price is a huge advantage as you will pay much less for a used part, often saving up to 90%. Of course it is important to do your research and know exactly what part you need, but once you track it down there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve got yourself an amazing deal, without sacrificing the part’s quality in the process.

Why buy used Italian supercar parts

Save time and money by buying used parts for your Italian supercar

Buying second-hand is often the best and only way to get your hands on a part for your rare supercar as locating a new part that matches yours can be very tricky. Shopping online is so convenient and with Eurospares you have an extensive range of parts to browse, helping you track down exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily. Classic and high-end vehicle models require extra care and attention which is why buying used parts is a great cost-effective solution. Our team is passionate about Italian supercars and we are here to ensure you get the perfect part, giving installation and handling advice along the way.

Why buy used Italian supercar parts

Second hand car parts – the eco-friendly choice!

Another big benefit of choosing to recycle autoparts is that they are saved from landfill, so by purchasing a used part for your car you have contributed positively to environmental protection efforts. This is because parts can take many years to decompose and it is much better that they find their way into a supercar in need, where they can be put to good use.

why buy used italian supercar parts

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Buying a used Italian supercar

Whether you buy an Italian supercar brand new or second-hand, at the end of the day you still get to own and drive around in an Italian supercar and that’s what matters most. The internet has many pre-loved cars to offer at various prices and as long as you know what to check and have done your research, you can get a fantastic bargain.

Buying a used Italian supercar

What are the benefits of buying a second hand supercar?

Older cars are available at a fraction of the cost of their new versions, and this can be a great advantage as this saving can go towards maintenance costs instead. Searching online for a used Italian supercar presents you with a huge range of models for sale and eBay Motors has some tempting adverts right now, including these great examples below:


Buying a used Italian supercar

Ferrari 308 GT4 1977Buying a used Italian supercar

Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe 2dr 5.0 LP560

Buying a used Italian supercar

Things to look out for when buying a used sports car

A used supercar can be prone to bodywork damage or flaking paint so it is worth having a proper look all over when considering your purchase. Are all the panels different shades of the original colour and are reflections warped? If so, ask what work has been done on the car previously. It is also important to check for loose light units or exhausts – perhaps it has been fitted with an aftermarket sports exhaust – and take note of any signs of ‘kerbed’ alloys (especially common on Lamborghini Gallardos with 19 inch wheels and low profile tyres) before you buy. The weak point of any supercar tends to be the clutch so be sure to look into that when considering a pre-owned model. 

Buying a used Italian supercar

Of course, some listings can look too good to be true but there are real gems out there just waiting to be found!

Eurospares Icon – Maserati MC12

In 2004, Maserati gave us the show-stopping MC12 and here are just some of the reasons we love it so much.

maserati mc12

First of all, this unbelievable beast of a car ticks all the right boxes for any racing fan, whilst being completely road legal!

It is a road-going version of Maserati’s GT race car, decked out with an exclusive white and blue livery to result in a look that is far from anything they have produced before or since.

There is a carbon fiber body and the exterior features include a distinctive large nose, wing spoiler and roof-mounted center air intake.

There is also a set of 4 exhaust pipes to the rear and a removable hard top to transform the MC12 into an even sportier looking spyder.

maserati mc12

When you enter the MC12, via one of the two conventionally hinged doors, you are greeted by a designer blue leather interior but there is no radio or stereo present.

Fortunately, the V12 engine more than makes up for this as the sounds produced are a perfect accompaniment to any journey; although not deafening, the tones are at just the right level and there is also a pleasing lack of wind noise in the cabin.

Reaching over 205mph, this not-so-little supercar packs a punch whilst being remarkably simply to drive and easy to handle.

maserati mc12

The high price of the Maserati MC12, along with its very limited production run, makes this a very exclusive car and those who are fortunate enough to own one are the envy of car fans worldwide.

This iconic hypercar is full of personality and character, with styling that tells the world that this machine is built for just one thing – speed!

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Eurospares Icon – Ferrari F40

To celebrate their 40 year anniversary in style, Ferrari created the stunning F40 and its fair to say that nothing quite compares to this incredible car.

The F40 has a special history since it was the last car to leave Maranello under the supervision of Enzo himself, and his wish was for the engineers to “build a car to be best in the world”.

When you stop for a moment to appreciate this supercar, you realise that the F40 really does have it all; looks, power, speed and on top of all that it is an absolute joy to drive!

Ferrari F40

A worthy successor to the 288 GTO, every little thing about the F40 is exciting and the exterior styling is simply breathtaking.

Whether it is parked up or hurtling towards that 201 mph top speed, thanks to the awesome twin-turbo V8, this turbocharged beauty certainly turns heads.

The Ferrari F40 was first introduced in 1987 with an expected production of around 400; however this had soon skyrocketed to over 1,200 by 1992 when the run came to an end.

Ferrari F40

This was due to there being such high demand at the time and as a result this model isn’t particularly rare, but that does not make it any less special.

Whilst it may be a little on the pricey side to own and run, all of those money worries just slip away once you take it for a spin.

Being sat in the driving seat of an F40 has to be experienced to be believed and while the world flies past in a blur you are reminded that this really is a race car for the road.

Ferrari F40

To keep weight to an absolute minimum, Ferrari used as little paint as possible and it is this level of attention to detail that makes this car one of the best.

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Eurospares Icon – Lamborghini Diablo

Over 11 years, the Lamborghini Diablo may have changed and evolved, with 2884 cars being built in total, but it never lost that iconic feel.

lamborghini diablo

Starting at the very beginning, from 1990-1999 there was the original Diablo that was designed to replace the Countach and it carried a hefty price tag upon release. This exotic supercar offered excellent straight-line performance and a 0-60mph time of 4.5 seconds.

Then along came the Diablo VT (1993-1999), the second generation model that was much Improved and updated. With VT standing for Viscous Traction, this car introduced the all-new computerized suspension system.

Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini celebrated their 30th anniversary with just 150 special, limited edition Diablo SE 30s in 1994 and one year on, they revealed the SE 30 Jota. This version was slightly different from the original SE 30 since it had an upgraded engine and at that point it was the most advanced Diablo so far.

The 5.7 litre, rear wheel drive Lamborghini Diablo SV (1996-1999) produced 510 bhp, living up to its “super fast” name. Handling in the SV was sharper, acceleration was quick and drivability was superb.

10 years on from the Diablo’s first release there was the VT 6.0 (2000 – 2001) and it was all change inside and out this time around. Modifications included the front bumper, nose, air intakes, dashboard and seats. This is arguably the best Diablo of all, with V-12 power, stable handling and a surprising level of comfort.

Lamborghini Diablo

The Lamborghini Diablo is known for flamboyance and has always had race car aspirations. Being named after the Devil himself, you would be right to expect something pretty spectacular, and Lamborghini delivered. The Diablo was, and still very much is, a head-turner and the excitement surrounding its release in 1990 has not been lost.

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Motorsport As An Olympic Sport

Since the dawn of the Olympics, cars have only ever featured once and that was way back in 1900; isn’t it about time they were brought back into the arena?

motorsports as an olympic sport
The famous Olympic rings

Despite medals being awarded at that special Summer Olympics event in 1900, motorsport was not even considered an official sport at the time and we think drivers deserve a chance to compete for their country just like any other athlete. It is difficult to believe that cars are still being unfairly overlooked, as there have been so many weird and wonderful sports taking part in the hundred or so years that have passed – including croquet and tug of war! There are a lot of exciting options when it comes to motorsports; these range from Formula One, Formula E, Rally, Touring Car, Drag Race, Hill Climb and 24 Hour Endurance.

motorsport as an olympic sport
Formula E (zero-emission race option)

According to Olympic ideals, sports should be for all nations, religions, ages and competencies with no professionals in sight. However, these criteria have noticeably evolved, even in recent years, so there is hope yet for our nation’s top drivers! One possible obstacle is that motorsport in general is famous for its dependency on funding, which could be an issue as the only adverts allowed are those from official Olympic sponsors.

motorsport as an olympic sport
Street racing could be the answer!

There is a surprising amount of equipment used at the Olympics, from sleds and bikes to boats and horses, which help competitors to go on and win medals for their country. So, why should vehicles be treated any different? Every motorsports fan knows that racing is not just about the car being driven; hand-eye coordination and lightning fast reactions are just two of the skills required to be a successful racer. Variations between cars could be kept to a minimum, to emphasise the skill of each driver, and all skill levels would be welcome.

motorsport as an olympic sport
Events could be based on ‘Race of Champions’ (Wembley Stadium 2007)

Figuring out a suitable venue for each event wouldn’t pose too much of a problem; there is always the ‘street race’ option to consider and Tokyo really would provide excellent opportunities at the 2020 Games. Motorsports has the potential to bring something new and truly spectacular to the Olympic stage, here’s hoping we only have to wait 4 more years to see drivers up on the podium!

Breaking A Ferrari For Parts

At Eurospares we have a vast array of great quality second hand car parts, which have all been skilfully sourced and removed from hundreds of Ferraris. These beautifully crafted items are then made available to purchase from us on our website and in this blog we will explain just why this is such a fantastic way to get hold of your luxury car parts.

Watch our timelapse video to see the whole breaking process:

Why break a Ferrari for parts?

There are many advantages to breaking a Ferrari for parts and our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers get the spare parts they have been searching for at the best possible price. As the leading luxury scrap dealership, we work with only the most talented and highly trained team who have years of experience disassembling these Italian cars. Accuracy and precision is key to preserving each part and specialist tools are required to carry out such an intricate process.

ferrari parts

With second hand parts, you get high quality for a low price

When you buy a used part from us, there is always a chance we have the colour you need in stock already and if not, you always have the option of painting it to match your vehicle. A lot of products we supply have actually come from brand new cars so you’ll be guaranteed amazing quality for an even more amazing price. Many insurance write offs still have perfectly salvageable parts and it is worth noting that a genuine Ferrari part will be direct fit, perfect for a quick and simple fitting session.

ferrari parts

Eurospares are experienced Ferrari spares specialists

As we’re sure you’ll have noticed, a second hand spare part is always the lower cost option and our selection is also much more likely to fit better than pattern parts. By using our services, related parts can be purchased together rather than having to shop around to find each individual product which saves you time and effort. We also provide fast global shipping options, so your Ferrari can look good as new sooner than you think.

ferrari parts

We stock thousands of luxury car parts

Our 4 huge warehouses are filled to the brim with precious parts that have all been carefully categorised and valued by trained experts. Raw materials are taken from partly demolished or damaged Ferraris that come in to our garage from all over the world. Deconstruction is undertaken by specialists here at Eurospares to strip each car down to its chassis and parts that have not already been ordered are safely stored away until they are sold. One of the great advantages of buying from Eurospares is that parts are available right there and then; no need to wait around for backorders, just choose your delivery or collection method and we supply the part straight away.

ferrari parts

Talk to the experts at Eurospares about spare Ferrari parts is your number one destination for luxury Ferrari parts and our friendly, professional team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, so get in touch with us today!


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